STYLE DNA: Harajuku Girls

Japanese Street Style

A few posts back I was debating between New York and Tokyo street style. Both are very different, but one thing I like about Japanese street style is commitment to a look. These boys and girls don’t mess. Even Gwen Stefani dedicated an entire song to their style. Convention be gone, these street savvy stylers give character a new name. Even drag queen look-a-like, Wendy Williams, doesn’t have game on these wiggy looks.

Japan has cranked out street style before it was even cool, knocking off their favorite Anime characters to create off-the-wall looks. Today, these fashion street walkers blend high fashion with cartoonish style. A look that is being emulated by designers, performers, and stylist all over the world.

I found this great new site dedicated to their often imitated, but never duplicated Harajuku street style: Tokyo Fashion (and there is an app for that). The site is dedicated to Japanese street style and culture, that surround these eclectic looks. After Japan’s 2011 natural disaster, I am happy to see that Japan has not lost its creative edge.