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Paris Takes Back Fashion

Balmain SS15

Givenchy, Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, and Chanel have always been on our lips, but not a fashion force for a long time, until now. Not long ago our favourite labels and names came from Milan. Starlets wore shape-cut Gucci, Fashion sophisticates wore Prada, and party-goers wore Cavalli. How the fashion world has changed.

Lanvin 2 ss15

Lanvin ss15

Doir Homme ss15

With Men’s Spring Summer 2015 global fashion shows in full swing. Paris held the most buzz. Everyone was waiting for Givenchy, YSL, and Lanvin to take centre stage. Paris had fallen out of fashion for many years. Couture has always been a Paris staple, but Italian designers had even taken over couture, hence Valentino Couture and Versace Atelier. The fashion set were all-a-buzz for Milan creations.

YSL2 ss15 YSL ss15 YSL 3 SS15 YSL SS15

However, evolution is what fashion is all about.  Fashion houses in Paris dusted off their atelier and re-opened shop. John Galliano rescued Dior, and Tom Ford breathed life back into YSL. Yet these labels were already house hold names, just out of step with mainstream fashion at that moment. What is new is that names like Balmain and Balenciaga on fashion followers lips.  French brands have become fashionable again with full force.

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The love affair with  Paris is not only just for women. Men’s fashion has also been taken over by French houses. What man doesn’t own a Givenchy something? Even street fashion has poured out of Paris. Hip-Hop culture has left American brands for french Labels as well, so you know winds have changed.

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